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How Quilting Changed my Lifeó
How Life Changed my Quilting!

An inspiring, humorous, and poignant
slide show presentation, and a colourful display of highly original quilts


by Kristin Miller, Quilt Artist,
and Author of 
"The Careless Quilter"

Thirty years of adventurous quiltmaking have brought surprising and unexpected changes to my life,
and at the same time, my life experiences have had a profound impact on how and why I make quilts.

Over the years, quiltmaking has become a way to clarify my thoughts, express my feelings, to celebrate and commemorate events, and to make sense of troubling experiences.

I don't know yet what my next quilt will look like, or where life will lead me, but I'm sure that my life and my quilting will be intertwined, and that each will enhance and enrich the other.

Please get in touch if your quilt guild or organization would like to see this slide presentation and an informal "feel free to touch them" display of my quilts.

The quilts shown at a presentation may differ from those on you see here, 
depending on what Iím working on, what quilts are available, 
and how many I can pack along. But a colorful afternoon or evening 
is guaranteed.

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  Kristin Miller

Phone: 250-247-7656



Patchwork and Art Quilts

760 Killer Whale Lookout,

Gabriola Island , B.C.

Canada  V0R 1X5  

phone: 250-247-7656





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