The Cryptic Quilt-a large medallion wallhanging

 Size: 60″ x 60″

Price: $1,200.

Questions I’ve been asked about the Cryptic Quilt:

Why is every dash and squiggle quilted with small perfect  stitches?

I started the elaborate hand-quilting in one corner of the blue fabric, before I realized how long it was going to take. Then I had to make the other three corners look the same. After that, I figured I might as well do the pink lattices too.

Every motif of the quilt is hand-quilted
Hand-quilting accentuates every squiggle and dash of the fabric motifs.

Does the calligraphic writing on this quilt mean anything?

I have not yet found a translator, but assume it has an important message.

Tiny hand-stitches accentuate every squiggle of the pseudo-calligraphic writing.

How many tiny scraps are in each of the small multi-coloured squares?

I didn’t count them, but the square shown below is actually only 3″ x 3″, so you can see how tiny they are. I wanted to use every last shred of the pink fabric, which was once my favourite shirt.

Three-inch square composed of tiny scraps

How long did it take to make this quilt?


Why is it called the Cryptic Quilt?

Because I can’t understand how obsessed I became with using the tiniest scraps, and with the truly excessive quilting. In fact, I originally called it “Quilter’s Obsession”, perhaps not the most appealing title. Then I called it “Pieces Too Small to Use–Quilted Too Close for Comfort”. Now it is the Cryptic Quilt, short and simple.

Speaking of short, if you are under five feet tall, this would make a lovely bed quilt, measuring 60″ by 60″. Or it could be a snuggle quilt on the sofa, though it really looks most magnificent hung on the wall. It can be hung square, or as a diamond.

Price: $1,200.