Dance of the Spirals, an art quilt by Kristin Miller

This bold and eye-catching art quilt wallhanging would be the focus of any decor. There is great energy and vitality in the freeform patchwork spirals intertwining in rhythmic patterns.

Size: 35″ x 45″

Price: $1,400.00

Quilt Description

Each spiral was sewn separately with Kristin’s unique spiral patchwork technique, and each developed a different shape. Joined together, the spirals unfurl and swirl like dancers moving in rhythm to an upbeat song, or like the tendrils of a plant reaching for the sun. The original design, brilliant colours, and impeccable craftsmanship of this art quilt dazzle the eye and lift the spirits.

Dense hand-stitched quilting in the background raises the spirals above the surface of the quilt. Cotton and rayon contemporary and vintage fabrics, DMC perl cotton threadsQuilted by hand

Hand quilting adds texture to the surface of the quilt.

detail of a spiral

Close-up of a free-form patchwork spiral

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