Miller Family Easter Memories

April 1, 2018By KristinMemory and Emotion Quilts, Photo Quilts


Family memory quilt combines photos from different eras

At Easter in my childhood, we searched for baskets of colorful hardboiled eggs. Easter was the only time of the year that my dad went to church with us, and my mom made sure we were looking spiffy. My dad always took our picture on Easter morning.

I printed images of my family onto Ultrasuede, then stitched them onto this tiny 8” x 10”quilt. It was fun to disregard time, and mingle the figures of myself and my brothers at different ages with their offspring. I appear three times—standing next to my mother, wearing my Easter hat and mary janes, and looking  admiringly up at my nephew.

The figures were arranged according to whim. For example, the kid on the swing is my nephew Karl. Diagonally below him is grown-up Karl, with his own father Paul as a child below him.  

The photos were printed onto Ultrasuede using TAP Transfer Artist Paper, then stitched by hand onto the background using a very fine thread.

Photos from childhood are by my father, Loomis Miller; recent photos are by family members.

Happy Easter!