The Peacock Quilt created by Kristin MillerThe Peacock Quilt

The Peacock Quilt is 60″ by 80″, designed to fit on the top of a queen-sized bed. It was commissioned by a woman who loves peacocks, and it was a challenge to envision, design, and sew. Needless to say, I’m proud as a peacock to have created this quilt.Quilted peacock with elaborately embellished feathers

Close-up of the peacock’s head with beaded topknot

Blue satin peacock
Satin peacock close-up
The fan of peacock feathers on this large quilt was created by layering turquoise and green synthetic lace over a calico background, with scraps of green lace on top. The ‘eyes’ of the feathers were made by layering four or five fabric ovals embellished with metallic paint. Dense and time-consuming stitching melded the layers of fabric and sketched out the spines and fronds of the feathers. I just kept sewing until it finally looked real.

Custom orders:  please get in touch with me if you are interested in commissioning a peacock quilt or wallhanging. Each piece I make is original, so yours will not be a duplicate of this one. Contact me by email or phone.