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This is the center of the Spiral Heart Quilt, commissioned by a family as a gift to their beloved grandmother.


Each quilt make is original and unique. Your custom-quilt will not be a duplicate of an existing quilt.

 I have chosen the image  of the spiral, heart, and hand to symbolize the care and attention that I give to my custom-orders and commissions, which are truly a work of the heart and hands.. Spiral Heart Quilt by Kristin Miller 400p.JPG (35704 bytes)
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to see the Spiral Heart Quilt, and to learn about how it was designed via  email consultations  between the client and myself.
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  and Gift Quilts I have made

Royal Daulton Quilt 597p.JPG (79237 bytes)    Lonnie's Quilt photo by Matt 559p.jpg (138657 bytes)  Haunted_House_Quilt_3_608p.JPG (79843 bytes)   

Custom Quilts: How to have a quilt made-to-order

First, take a look at my quilt photos.
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If you are drawn to one of the quilts you see on this website, then please call or e-mail me so we can discuss making a quilt that is right for you.

You may like a certain style of design, but want different colors, or you may want a different size.  

I don't make duplicates, so your quilt will not be an exact copy of something I've done before, but it is helpful if you can tell me which of my quilts you especially like.

 Take a little time to imagine 
what your quilt might look like.

Quilts are very personal, and you probably have a picture in your mind of the quilt you want. Take some time to daydream about your perfect quilt. Whether you choose me or someone else to sew your quilt, it will be helpful if you can describe what you are looking for.

What do you want your quilt to express? Are there symbols or images that come to mind when you think about your quilt? What emotions or ideas would you like the design to convey? 

Once I can picture what I think you want, I will draw up several designs for you to choose from, and send them to you by email or letter. You might want to suggest some changes, which is fine. 

Think about how much you wish to pay. 

Quilt prices  vary greatly depending on the design, on the complexity of detail and embellishment in the quilt, and the amount and style of the quilting stitches. You can get some idea of my prices by looking on my Quilts for Sale page. The size of a quilt also affects the price, of course.

Once size and design of the quilt are decided, I will offer several price options. The lower price quilt would be sewn with more simplified techniques and quilted more simply, while a quilt at the higher price would have lots of detailing and embellishment, a more complicated design, more hand-sewing, perhaps 3-D pictorial elements or hand-painted details, and more complex quilting. 

. You can specify the price, and I will make a quilt to suit. All of my quilts are original designs, and are well-sewn and beautiful, no matter what the price.

.How big you want your quilt to be?

You might want to measure the wall where you will hang your new quilt, or the bed it will cover. Size and price are related of course. Bigger quilts cost more, 

Get in touch with me, and we can 
work together to figure out colors, design, and price.

Ordering a quilt "long-distance" is a little more complicated than doing it in person, but phone calls and e-mails will smooth the process, and I can send you digital photos occasionally as your quilt is being sewn.

How to contact me: 
E-mail me at 
or Call me at  250-247-7656

You can even write to me, at the address below.!

You can also visit my workshop on Gabriola Island, in the beautiful Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada, to see my quilts and pick out fabric from my unusual collection.

Call or email first for directions.


I am happy to work collaboratively with interior designers and decorators to achieve a particular mood and ambiance in quilted home furnishings.

If you are seeking original and high-quality quilts, wall-hangings,  
or cushions, please get in touch.



I will do my best 
to provide you with exactly what you want.











and Art Quilts
760 Killer Whale Lookout,
Gabriola Island, B.C.
phone: 250-247-7656

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