The care and attention I give to each custom order is symbolized by this quilt, with its imagery of spiral, heart, and hands. 

My hands and heart translate your vision for your quilt into reality.
My hands and heart translate your vision for the quilt into reality.

Each quilt I make is unique

Your custom-order quilt will not be a duplicate of an existing quilt, though it may be inspired by a quilt you especially like, or it may incorporate elements from other quilts, photos, or artworks.  The more you can tell me about the quilt you want, the easier it will be for me to “see” it, design it, and create it for you. With each commission, I use my heart and hands to transform your vision for the quilt into a work of art

What influences the price of a custom order quilt?

  • Complexity of design: Prices range from $10 per square foot for a very simple design, up to $100 per square foot for a complex and detailed design. You will also pay shipping costs.
  • Techniques: Some techniques are more time-consuming than others, which is reflected in the cost (for example, hand-stitched applique takes longer than appliquing with the sewing machine).
  • Size: The bigger the quilt, the more it costs, as I charge by the square foot.
  • Deadline: Rush orders with a tight deadline will be priced higher.
  • I can make a quilt that fits your budget: If you specify a price you are comfortable with, I can make a quilt for that price, by balancing the four factors described above.

The process

  • Email or phone me and describe what you want. Contact Info
    • We will exchange a few emails to firm up details for your quilt.
  • I will request a 10% non-refundable design deposit, so I can work up several designs for you to choose from.
  • I’ll send you the designs by email, asking for your input and suggestions.
    • After we have worked out the design, I will ask for another deposit (usually 50%) before I begin sewing.
      • I will send you photos of the quilt as it is being constructed, and may ask for further input and suggestions.
    • When the quilt is finished, I will request the remainder owing on the quilt, plus the shipping costs.
      • I’ll ship the quilt to you as soon as I receive payment.
    • I prefer using PayPal, but other payment options are possible.
    • Please note: I do not copy other quilters’ work. If you want a duplicate of someone else’s quilt, contact her directly to see if she will make you something similar.

      The more you can tell me about the quilt you want, the easier it will be for me to envision, design, and create the quilt of your dreams. I will be happy to discuss a custom order for a quilt or wallhanging, so please get in touch.

      Contact Info for my phone and email address.