This crow (or is it a raven?) is bigger than life–the wallhanging is approximately 21″ x 45″. The background fabric is a batik.

Mohawk topknot on a bold satin crow
Appliqued black satin crow has attitude, and a mohawk hairdo (feather-do?)
Black satin and silver threads create this elegant mohawked crow.
Black satin and silver threads create this elegant mohawked bird. The beak is leather, the eye a vintage button. Both the body and head have extra padding, which sculpts the bird and raises it above the background.

This is the third in a series of appliquéd corvids, all inspired by this photo by Danny  Chapman. This photo was invaluable, as it detailed every feather.

photo of a crow, taken by Danny Chapman

Crow, by Danny Chapman

My first version was made of black velvet

Black velvet crow with hand-dyed background
The hand-dyed tie-dye background adds drama to the image of the black velvet crow.
Velvet head and body, leather beak
Velvet head and body, leather beak

My second in this series was black satin.

Appliqued black satin crow
Sewing a crow that looks like real was a stretch. Because of the struggle involved, I’m inordinately pleased with the result—and consider it a feather in my cap. Thank you, Danny Chapman, for permission to base my artwork on your photo, and thanks also to Jane Wilde for providing the background fabric.

The Crow series wallhangings are approximately 21″ by45″.

Custom orders: please get in touch with me if you are interested in commissioning a crow or raven  wallhanging. Each piece I make is original, so yours will not be a duplicate of this one.