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Here are some articles I wrote. I hope you enjoy them. 


My Strange Quilt
I made the strangest quilt recently, quite unlike anything I've done before. Sometimes, I'm not even sure that I like it, but it's an important talisman for me, reminding me visually of new insights and explorations, and of inner lessons learned. Making this small quilt was just one of many experiences at a five day creativity workshop called "Healing Stitches: How Your Art Imitates Your Life."
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A Positive Energy Quilt

  If You Want My Advice on Making Protest Quilts
     There is no point taking a year to make a protest quilt about something that is being decided in the next two months. Find out the important dates and deadlines that affect the battle you are fighting (dates of public hearings, of environmental reviews, of planning permits, of public elections, of council meetings etc). Work with your affiliating group so your quiltmaking schedule is coordinated with their efforts. We had to get our quilts out in public very quickly because plans for the power plant were proceeding so quickly, so we started displaying them before they were quilted (with bound edges and hanging sleeves however). We also did much of the quilting in public.
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