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 My quilts often surprise me, 
because I seldom know ahead of time how they will turn out. 

  I'm a self-taught quilter who never could follow instructions, so I've always puzzled out my own way of doing things..

   I made my first quilt shortly after moving from Seattle to Nanaimo, B.C. twenty-eight years ago. My early quilts were medallions, symmetrical designs that gradually grew more complex as I gained experience.

Now, as I strive to create art quilts, my medallions are sometimes off-kilter and awry, often tilting or spiraling, taking off in new directions. 

   For many years, I lived in the woods across the harbour from Prince Rupert, in northern British Columbia. I made landscapes and pictorial quilts, crazy-quilt abstracts, and message quilts that expressed my emotions, perceptions, and experiences.

   Living in a place accessible only by boat gave me the luxury of isolation, and the freedom to develop my craft without outside influence. I was fortunate to have a wonderful circle of northern quilting friends who greatly encouraged me.

Now I live a more civilized life, on Gabriola Island in southern B.C. My quilting world has expanded, bringing new friends and inspiration, and exposure to a wider world of quilt art.


   The quilting stitches are of great importance to me, and often take longer than creating the quilt top. 

   I do both hand and machine quilting to sculpt and accent the design, and to add strength and beauty to the quilt. 
Quilting by machine is a job, something to be accomplished quickly and competently.

  Quilting by hand is a slow and often meditative activity, and gives me the greatest pleasure and satisfaction.

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