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I’ve been making quilts for over thirty years, and lately my quilts seem to have more energy than I do. That is something I really strive for with my quilts–a sense of energy, of vitality and movement in the design. All my designs are original–they are conceived, created, and stitched by me.

I am fortunate to live on Gabriola Island in British Columbia, Canada. The rural surroundings, the sea and the forests have all made an impression on my work. Gabriola is known as ‘the Isle of the Arts’, and I belong to the Gabriola Arts Council. This has encouraged me to see my quilts as art, and myself as an artist.

I began quilting back when there were few quilting books available, and so I figured out my own methods, techniques, and design aesthetic. Eventually, I wrote a quilting book myself, to show others how to make medallion-style quilts without following a pattern or copying anyone else’s design. “The Careless Quilter: Decide-As-You-Sew, Design-As-You-Go Quiltmaking” is out of print now, but I still have copies for sale.

I’m a member of the Fibre Art Network, an organization of professional textile artists in western Canada, and I’ve exhibited widely with this group. I also belong to the Gabriola Fibre Artists.

For many years, I lived on the north coast of British Columbia, on a small island near Prince Rupert. I still participate in group-made friendship quilts with the women I know there, and I contributed a chapter to “Gumboot Girls: Adventure, Love, and Survival on British Columbia’s North Coast”.

I’m the founder of the Positive Energy Quilters, an activist group that has made several dozen quilts to address environmental issues. Our most recent effort was the UnspOILed Coast Quilt Project, to raise funds and raise awareness for the need to protect the coast of B.C. from oil spills.

I am sometimes available to teach workshops and classes on my quilt techniques.

About my quilts

Kristin Miller and her quilt "Conception and New Growth. photo by Bill Hattonphoto by Bill Hatton

My quilts are elegant and unusual, with surprising colours, impeccable workmanship, and awesomely original designs.

My smallest quilts are potholders almost too cool to use. My largest quilts are works of art that you can sleep under. I make art quilts, bed quilts, baby quilts, kid quilts, and wallhangings of every size and description.

My custom quilts express the vision of the client, combined with my creativity and fine craftsmanship.

With commissions, I strive to interpret and express my client’s aesthetic sense, their vision for the quilt, and the memories or emotions they want the quilt to convey. Of course, my own artistic sensibilities and technical skills guide the process.

My personal quilts are guided by my own visions and emotions, and may have significance only to myself, though other people often find them meaningful and appealing.

I believe that quilts can be eloquently evocative, communicating love or woe, outrage or idealism. Quilts can express childhood memories, hope for the future, visual puns, or the sheer joy of colour.