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Links and Connections

Canadian Art Quilters' Websites:

Fibre Art Network: There are marvelous quilts to be seen on this site, which features the work of Western Canada's most innovative quilters. I'm proud to be a member! 

Exploring Creativity: Visit Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer's site for art quilts, essays on creativity and self-awareness, and descriptions of her personal development workshops. 

Inside the Dress Exhibit On-line: 
"Inside the Dress documents the experiences of nine women artists engaged in a yearlong reflective process. The project was designed to guide each artist through a meaningful personal exploration leading to a visual expression of what she perceives to be her essence. The term Inside the Dress is evocative of the real experiences of women in contrast to what might be implied by traditionally defining apparel, the dress."   Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer, project originator and participant.
Click to read more, and to view the Inside the Dress exhibit online

The Inside the Dress Project Participants & their Artwork
Ilse Anysas-Salkauskas - Stories My Mother Told Me...
Janet Armstrong - Calm On The Surface
Jean Brandel - The Dahlia Garden
Margie Davidson - Off The Wall
Mary Anne Kilgannon - Body, Spirit And Mind
Kristin Miller - Capabilities
Sheila Niles - Stories Need To Be Told
Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer - Translucence
Jayne Willoughby Scott - Party Of One

Pat White Studio: Pat is an artist, an exceptional art quilter, a fabric designer, and a workshop teacher. 
I don't know if she has a website anymore, but you can see some of her work at: 

Press for Success: Myrna Giesbrecht is a quilt artist, a quilt teacher, and author of several  books on quilting (and one on debt management). 

Pacific Quiltworks: Gail Hunt is an award-winning quilter, the author of "Quiltworks Across Canada", and a really inspiring workshop teacher who shares her knowledge very generously.. 

Quilts by Jodi-Marie: Quilter and gardener Jodi-Marie Horne shares her quilts and her inspirations. 

Fine Fabric Art: Margo Styran's wallhangings reflect nature and spirituality.

Positive Energy Protest Quilts: See six quilts made in protest of a proposed gas-fired power plant being planned for Vancouver Island. 
   (click enter, then click on "Quilt Project)

Art Quilters Elsewhere 

The Green Quilt Project: Inspiring site showcasing quilts made to help bring healing energy into the world, for environmental healing. 

Amanda Perkins-Art Quilts and Embroideries:
Galleries of art quilts and embroideries, inspired by the British landscape and history.

Fiberedge: An International group of cutting-edge fiber artists 

Lost Quilt Websites, listing lost, missing and stolen quilts 
The Lost Quilt Come Home website shows photos of lost and stolen quilts and gives information on protecting quilts through labels, documentation, appraisals, and quilt care. There is valuable advice on shipping, exhibiting, copyright, and almost anything else you need to know to protect your precious quilts.
The Soft Expressions site focuses on computer quilting, but has dedicated part of their website to postings of lost quilts, with photos and descriptions. 
Red Dawn's eclectic website has listings and photos of lost and stolen quilts

Hand-Dyed Fabrics

Wilde Fish Fabrics: Gloriously glowing hand-dyed fabrics 
Perhaps you have noticed the marvelous hand-dyed fabrics that I use in many of my quilts. Most of these evocative and inspiring one-of-a-kind fabrics were dyed by my friend Jane Wilde and her daughter Kate.  
e-mail  at or call or fax 250-624-6552

Natural Dye Studio
Beautiful and subtle natural-dyed fabrics from England, each piece a one-off. (which I think is British for "one of a kind". Perfect for patchwork and applique. 

Good Connections:

Gabriola Island Info Centre: I'm lucky to live on Gabriola, a beautiful island in British Columbia, Canada. Gabriola is called "The Island of the Arts" because it is home to so many artists, artisans, and craftspeople. For maps, travel info, lodging, events, and things to do on Gabriola, see 

Festival Gabriola: Gabriola Island Arts Council.  A lively and colourful introduction to :the Isle of the Arts". Gabriola Island is renowned for its visual artists, writers, and musicians,  for its lively performance arts, for cultural events and exhibits.  

Go Nanaimo: Photos from the 2006 Gabriola Island Thanksgiving Studio and Gallery Tour.

Go Nanaimo:  Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, is just a ferry ride away from Gabriola. For information about the area, as well as further afield, this site offers events, maps, and resources. Go Nanaimo: Your gateway to Nanaimo, British Columbia, with travel articles and photos from across Canada.

Dodge Cove Arts Guild: Dodge Cove is a tiny community on Digby Island, across the harbour from Prince Rupert, B.C. It was my home for many years. Now I can go back, via this website, and see the scenery and the wonderful art being made by people there. 

Self-Promotion: An online guide to do-it-yourself website promotion. A huge amount of information on submitting to search engines and other essential information. Payment is up to you--and well worth it. 

Shopping Sites

Shopping Smart Guide: Shopping-smart

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