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April 2003 
I was very excited when I went to your website as I love to quilt but have felt intimidated because I, for the life of me, can't sew a straight line . I always buy too much fabric because my math is not perfect. I felt immediately drawn to your book title and description.
Jo, Arizona

I wanted to write and tell you how inspirational your book The Careless Quilter is. From the first words, I was hooked. I have been struggling with my quilting, trying to pre-plan and get everything just right. And your book was just what I needed. I am recommending it to all my friends.
Barbara Quarrie, 
Greymouth, New Zealand

Your approach has given me endless ideas to develop. Thank you for expanding my quilting horizons. The Careless Quilter is perfectly delightful and most helpful.
Elaine Osborne,
Great Falls, Montana

After reading about your quilt "Afternoon in Paradise" I realized I have been harboring the idea of a quilt like this for some time. You have unlocked the door and freed that idea.
Judy Humphrys,
Strathalbyn, South Australia


Design Sequence of Stairways Quilt

November 2002
Hi Kristin--
   I settled into your book while we were traveling, and quite enjoyed it.  You were so inspiring about just diving in and doing it , that if I had been at home, I would have grabbed cutters and fabric and jumped in.
   I find beginning quilters so dreadfully timid and worried about technique - they never think about what they like or how to experiment and try things. So I quite enjoyed your attitude and have placed the book in the hands of all my timid quilting cohorts.  
   As you may have noticed, I studiously avoid symmetry but your philosophy could just as easily be applied to asymmetry. I am glad to have your book to add to my collection of authors I have known.
Sheila Niles
Millarville, Alberta, Canada 

I enjoyed Kristin Millerís ideas on designing as you go, because I know I will never sit down with coloured pencils and graph paper to design a quilt. My way is just to start, and stop when itís big enough. I must admit that it is sometimes not big enough, so this method is not perfect. Using up odd pieces and what I have is really the fun way for me to create.
Judy D.,
Bishop, California

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