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Decide-as-you-sew methods appeal to the many people who are not patient or careful by nature, to those with a somewhat haphazard approach to creativity, to the easily frustrated, and to quiltmakers who have grown bored with traditional methods.

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 Making Mistakes, Making Choices

  Tools and Techniques

  Fabric and Color

  How a Quilt is Built

  Decide As You Sew, Design As You Go

  Don't Quit Till It's Quilted


"Not for the perfectionist, but for the rest of us."

 "The Careless Quilter" is not an invitation to sloppy workmanship. It offers a new style of quiltmaking built on the belief that beginners and seasoned quilters alike can make beautiful, unique quilts without being ruled by the demands of technical perfection.

Because even experts eventually make mistakes, the author encourages quilters to consider the infinite possibilities of patterns, color combinations, and designs that can result from such imperfections.

Woven throughout the text is the author's sense of humor and her unique perspective. To her way of thinking, making a mistake in the creative process allows you to make more than you had imagined possible.

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Excerpts from The Careless Quilter

If you find it hard to be as careful and persnickety as most quilt books expect, perhaps you should try a different approach. 

If you are panicking because your quilt is not turning out perfectly despite your best efforts, if you are bored with copying, yet scared to make your own designs, you might enjoy a more spontaneous method of quiltmaking.  
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How a Quilt is Built
There are millions of quilts and many ways to make them. I'd like to introduce you to my method for making patchwork medallion quilts by showing you step by step how one particular quilt came into being. 

Once you have mastered the basic concepts of using triangles or strips to form the concentric borders, you can vary the possibilities infinitely to create your own unique designs.

Don't copy my quilt. Instead, study the techniques and blend them with your own ideas, preferences, and creative inspiration to make a special quilt of your own.
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Making Mistakes, Making Choices
A mistake, which in patchwork usually means sewing the wrong things together, can be a springboard to intriguing new design. Mistakes should suggest new directions, new design possibilities, new choices. 

Accepting mistakes and making changes and choices as you sew will guarantee a unique and original quilt, and one more likely to be beautiful than boring.
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Decide As You Sew, 
Design As You Go
When you were a child, did you play with your mother's box of buttons, laying out the varied and shining discs in changing patterns on the rug?

Designing as you sew is just like playing with the box of buttons; a patchwork medallion evolves as you play with fabric.

Useful attributes for decide-as-you-sew patchwork are a tendency to arrange and rearrange, a delight in changing patterns, a patient playfulness, and the acceptance of unexpected beauty. 
It's not too hard; you've been doing it all your life.
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Tools and Techniques
Expensive devices are not essential to quiltmaking. A beautiful quilt can be made with simple and inexpensive tools.
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Fabric and Color
If you want an extraordinary quilt, don't use ordinary fabric. This does not mean that you need expensive fabric, but you do need fabric with visual impact. Don't be timid in choosing fabric.
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Don't Quit Till It's Quilted
Making the patchwork top is the exciting and glamorous part of quiltmaking. Doing the quilting can be boring and tedious, calling on all our reserves of patience and diligence. Why do we bother?

Aesthetically, the lines of quilting enhance the beauty of the patchwork design. Quilting takes your design from a flat two-dimensional pattern to a sculptured 3-D surface with depth, texture, and shadow. Quilting also adds strength and durability to the quilt.
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