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An installation made for the Inside the Dress Project


Mixed Media

67" x 108" x 108"


for the three pieces

Photo by Mario Pietromala

Capes are meant to conceal, yet they are highly noticeable garments. I have chosen caped figures as a way to represent certain aspects of myself that I usually keep private and within. 

Given the very long history of capes cloaking the human form, they are also symbolic garments wherein the inner person is revealed. From the animal skin slung over the cavemanís shoulder, to the wicked villainís billowing cape, to the Queenís royal robe or Batmanís elegant regalia, we read great meaning in these garments.         

Inside the Dress
"Inside the Dress documents the experiences of nine women artists engaged in a yearlong reflective process. The project was designed to guide each artist through a meaningful personal exploration leading to a visual expression of what she perceives to be her essence. The term Inside the Dress is evocative of the real experiences of women in contrast to what might be implied by traditionally defining apparel, the dress."     
         Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer
         Project Originator

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Inside the Dress exhibit online

The Participants & their Artwork
Ilse Anysas-Salkauskas - Stories My Mother Told Me...

Janet Armstrong - Calm On The Surface

Jean Brandel - The Dahlia Garden

Margie Davidson - Off The Wall

Mary Anne Kilgannon - Body, Spirit And Mind

Kristin Miller - Capabilities

Sheila Niles - Stories Need To Be Told

Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer - Translucence

Jayne Willoughby Scott - Party Of One

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Capabilities Installation at  McMullen Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, 2005


The Worry Birds Cape symbolizes how worry can swoop in like a dark shadow, picking and pecking, pulling feelings to shreds. This cape also expresses my belief that worrying and brooding are my ways of incubating new ideas, hatching solutions, and seeing answers take flight.  

  worry 450p.JPG (31144 bytes)      Inside the Dress Artwork Ii 165.jpg (25054 bytes)  
   Inside                          Side view
worry birds blue wings.JPG (20715 bytes)

Design Process of Worry Birds Cape


The Balance Cape is a visual metaphor of my struggle to maintain equilibrium in my life. Balance is a verb, not a noun, to meóit is something I must do. Like a gyroscope, I wobble and spin, seeking the stillness at the center of motion.
Inside the Dress Artwork Ii 147.jpg (19242 bytes)
                              working on balance 479.JPG (42516 bytes) 
Inside view               Design process for Balance Cape
 Balance Cape                         


The Exuberance Cape gives colour and form to unexpected and treasured moments of fierce delight. It celebrates the pleasures of movement and dance, the exhilaration of feistiness and speaking my mind, and the joys of bright colour.

Exuberance back 1408p.JPG (74592 bytes)       Inside the Dress Artwork Ii 119.jpg (17592 bytes) 
Back view                   Side view

The three caped figures hide and reveal different aspects of themselves as they sway and rotate in reaction to air currents and to the presence of people nearby. Constantly changing shadow patterns are cast upon the floor, adding mystery and meaning to this revelation of my self.  

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